Cooling Appliances Responsible for Global Warming

Large quantities of greenhouse gas ‘HFC’ released by fridges and air-conditioners every year. Altering the chemical structure of these substances could cut their atmospheric lifetime by decades. Arrival of Hydrofluorocarbons Refrigeration and air-conditioning are the principal emitters of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). They were first manufactured in the 1990s, as substitutes for ozone depleting products, such as … Continue reading Cooling Appliances Responsible for Global Warming

Climate Change… Again.

When talking about environmental issues, climate change often dominates the conversation. A recent book published by Guillaume Sainteny called Le climat qui cache la forĂȘt (‘The Climate which Hides the Forest’) presents some of the flaws of current environmental politics. Sainteny writes of a hierarchy within the debate, using three examples (biodiversity, air pollution and … Continue reading Climate Change… Again.

Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) for Textile Polluters

Polymers acting as molecular sieves seeing an increasing number of applications Membrane Technology To survive, living cells need a membrane. This selective barrier filters what enters and leaves the cell. Membrane technology mimics this process with a material separating two phases. A phase could be a mixture of different molecules, one of which we wish … Continue reading Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) for Textile Polluters

SCALPEL: Dissecting Spectra

University of Manchester develops new method for testing complex mixtures Sample Analysis Analysing complex mixtures efficiently is a recurring problem within the scientific community. No one test gives a detailed assessment about a given material. Each test is a different indicator towards its chemical structure or physical properties. Often materials are too complex to analyse … Continue reading SCALPEL: Dissecting Spectra

Parkinson’s Right Under Your Nose

Research at the University of Manchester Reveals Super Smeller to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease A fundamental breakthrough in the research on Parkinson’s disease (PD), could enable patients to take a non-invasive test allowing for early diagnosis. Smells are often linked to memories, but what if they could be used to detect diseases? What if one didn’t … Continue reading Parkinson’s Right Under Your Nose

Natural vs Synthetic Rubber: Could manufacturing plants be a greener solution?

Typically, when people think of the word ‘natural’, a string of positive words follow. Something that is natural is considered healthier and greener. What if this wasn’t always the case? What if something from a forest could be more environmentally damaging than if it came straight off the conveyor belt of a factory? Instinctively, one … Continue reading Natural vs Synthetic Rubber: Could manufacturing plants be a greener solution?

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